The World’s Strangest Chat Up Lines

The world is a weird and wonderful place, and it’s also home to some weird and wonderful people. And with Cupid polishing his bow and arrow in time for this coming Valentine’s Day, there’ll be plenty of strange advances being exchanged all over the world. The history of courtship, sex and dating (across all cultures) shows us that it’s more often than not, the man who makes the first move. In modern times though, things have changed and women can often be the ones to strike up conversations with strangers in bars or other public areas. If you’ve ever been chatted up in a foreign country when you’ve been on a long trip – or perhaps you’re the chatter rather than the chattee – you may have come across some of these peculiar chat up lines. Male or female, you may discover that some of these will have you intrigued, giggling with laughter, or just completely put off.

But when it comes to understanding romantic exchanges, it’s always useful to know a little bit of history and the different nuances of each language. Whilst some seem more bizarre than others, these pickup lines seem to have bearing and significance in their country of origin – in translation, things can perhaps turn a little odd to say the least. From the skinny dipping come-ons of Norway to the blatant suggestions of edible underwear in Israel, here are the world’s strangest chat up lines to get you through your travels this Valentine’s Day.

The World's Strangest Chat Up Lines

Here are some of our favourite chat-up lines explained…

Poland: “Hello My Froggy”

Whilst calling someone a frog may seem like an insult at first, referring to someone as your “froggy” in Poland (male or female) is a very sweet compliment. It’s not unusual for the Polish to reference their loved ones with cute pet names and these are usually animals. If someone calls you a froggy, a fish, a mouse or a kitten, it’s more often than not a term of endearment.

Egypt: “You Have Eyes like a Cow”

Being compared to a cow is like being compared to a goddess in Egypt. If a man tells a woman that she has eyes like a cow, he is referencing the beauty, warmth and love of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, the cow goddess who also represented music, dance and fertility. Cows are also considered to be very noble animals in Egypt and many say that a cow’s eyes are beautiful because they are big with pretty lashes.

Germany: “Your Eyes are the Colour of My Porsche”

This shameless pickup line doesn’t have the same historical bearing as the Egyptians’ cow reference but it sure is a popular way to meet women in Germany. Not only is it a flagrant display of wealth and extravagance but it’s also a very forward way of telling a woman she looks good enough to match everything else in his life. It may not be the way to every girl’s heart but it certainly works for any Porsche loving ladies out there.