Snowboarding Travel Insurance


Snowboarding Travel Insurance

Snowboarding travel insurance is a type of travel insurance policy that covers the essential factors that are involved with the activity of snowboarding whilst you’re on a winter sports trip.

Travellers who enjoy participating in winter sports, such as snowboarding, and even skiing, should always ensure that they have adequate travel insurance cover in the case of loss of belongings, amongst other eventualities including theft, damage, or delays. 

But, most importantly, travelling with adequate snowboard holiday insurance will mean that you are covered in the event of an accident where you require medical attention. Whilst you may have been on a number of winter sports holidays before, you’ll find that even the most experienced snowboarders may be faced with difficulties and unprecedented circumstances, leading to medical assistance being required in a foreign country after an incident on the slopes.

Whilst medical cover within Europe is fully, or partially, covered by the European Health Insurance Card or Global Health Insurance Card, if you are in need of medical assistance, this is only in select countries and does not cover the costs related to returning to the UK, repatriation or flying friends and family to see you if you are unwell. 

Therefore it is essential that you purchase snowboarding travel insurance for any holiday in Europe, and when travelling further afield, to give you the peace of mind and cover that you need in case of the event of a medical emergency or other unwanted and unexpected circumstances. 

That’s why, here at Navigator Travel, we offer a range of policies for adventure travellers, providing essential snowboarding insurance cover for snowboarders, to ensure that you remain protected and that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible.

What Does Snowboarding Holiday Insurance Cover?

By purchasing snowboarding travel insurance, you can ensure that you’re covered for all that a snowboarding holiday entails. From the moment you hit the slopes, mostly all aspects of your adventurous endeavours are taken care of. But you may be asking, what exactly does my snowboarding insurance cover? 

Below, we’ve highlighted exactly what you will normally find to be covered by snowboard holiday insurance policies, and also elements that you will find are, more often than not, not included.

What Is Normally Covered:

  • Piste Closures and Avalanche Cover

Should you experience piste closures or an avalanche during the duration of your trip, you will be covered for the delays this may cause in allowing you to get out on your board. Piste closure cover, however, may vary dependent on the duration of time for which the piste is closed. 

  •  Cancellations

Sustained an injury whilst out on your snowboard? You will be covered should you need to cancel the rest of your holiday. 

  • Loss, Damage, or Theft of Personal or Hired Equipment 

If your snowboarding equipment and gear are lost in transit, become damaged outside of your own control, or are stolen whilst on your trip, your snowboarding travel insurance policy will provide you with cover. However, should this be the case because you have left your items unattended, this is likely to be an exception in which you will not be covered.

  • Snowboarding Accidents

If you’ve sustained an injury whilst snowboarding and you require immediate medical attention,  you are able to claim this on your snowboarding insurance cover. This includes any expenses incurred reaching you if you’re on the slopes or further afield. 

  • Personal liability

Should you be in a situation where you accidentally harm someone else whilst you’re snowboarding, you’ll be pleased to hear that you are covered for any injuries that the third party sustain. 

  • Losing your Snowboarding pass 

Lost your snowboarding pass during your holiday? You will often find that you can claim this back on your snowboarding travel insurance.  

  • Equipment hire in the event of loss or delay

If there’s a problem in transit with your snowboarding equipment and it doesn’t reach you in time before your trip commences, you will likely find that this will be covered on your snowboarding insurance policy. But, do be aware that this might only be covered if this occurs during your outward journey. 

What Isn’t Normally Covered:

  •  Competitive Snowboarding

If you snowboard at a competitive level, you will likely not be covered and will need an additional level to your insurance should you sustain an injury, require medical attention, or your equipment becomes lost, stolen, or damaged. 

  • Extreme Snowboarding 

If you’re planning on embarking on particularly dangerous routes or slopes or engaging in particular types of snowboarding that may be considered extreme by your policyholder, you may find that you need additional cover. 

We would always advise seeing what is on offer at the snowboarding and winter sports resort you will be staying at so that you know what options are available and the level of cover you may require therefore. 

  • Snowboarding whilst under the influence

If you have been using drugs or drinking alcohol in excess, you will be held personally responsible for any damages you cause or medical treatment you require with no cover from your insurance policy. 

  • Not Wearing Appropriate Protection 

If you sustain an injury when you are not wearing appropriate protective gear, including equipment and clothing, whilst on the slopes any medical treatment and expenses will likely not be covered by your snowboarding insurance policy.

Which Winter Sports and Snowboard Season Insurance Should I Choose?

If you’re embarking on a snowboarding trip that may be for a short duration, like many travellers, our single-trip travel insurance policies are a fantastic option to cover you for your one-off snowboarding holiday. 

However, for those who head out regularly to the slopes, you can benefit from our Annual Multi-Trip option, which provides cover for a 12-month period, allowing for multiple trips lasting up to 31, 45, or 62 days, dependent on what your requirements are. You are able to upgrade this insurance policy to incorporate all of your extreme activity and winter sports needs. 

Alternatively, there are a range of travel insurance policies available to suit every need, including the Adventures and TravelPlus policies, suitable for long trips, and the Silver, Pearl, Gold and Diamond policies, for short trips.

You can find out more about the range of travel insurance policies we offer here at Navigator Travel for those who will be partaking in adventure activities and sports during their trip and therefore require specialist travel insurance cover for their holidays.

How Much Does Snowboarding Travel Insurance Cost?

Your snowboarding travel insurance policy will vary in cost based on a number of different individual factors relating to your individual holiday. These may include: 

    • The length of time you plan on snowboarding: You may find that the longer you plan on snowboarding, the more expensive your cover will be.
    • Your age: If you are older, you’ll often pay more for snowboarding holiday insurance due to the likelihood of pre-existing health conditions.
    •  Where you’ll be snowboarding: If you’re in a country which has increased medical fees and repatriation costs, you will find that your insurance policy may be more expensive.
    • The number of individuals you’re looking to insure: More individuals means more cover, meaning more expense.
    • The excess amounts you require for insurance elements including medical cover, baggage cover, and cancellation cover: This can be discussed with your insurance provider.
    • If you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions or illnesses: This will likely make your insurance policy more expensive.
    • How often you’re planning on travelling for snowboarding: If you’re travelling more frequently, whether purchasing one-trip policies or taking out a multi-trip plan, you’ll have to pay more for your cover.

To find out exactly how much your snowboard holiday insurance will cost, you’ll need a quote. This is why, here at Navigator Travel, you can gain a quote from us either over the phone at 0161 973 6435 or by email at to find out what cover is best for you for your snowboarding holiday. 

Equally, you can use our quick and easy online contact form.

What Should I Do If I Face A Pre-Trip Issue?

You’ll also sometimes find that problems can crop up before you embark on your holiday, where you may have no choice but to cancel or reschedule your trip. 

Having adequate travel insurance cover can protect you in these instances, making it possible to rebook at a later stage with no financial loss.

We’d recommend contacting your insurance provider should you face a pre-trip issue and discuss the next steps in either cancelling or rescheduling your trip as soon as problems arise.

What’s The Best Travel Insurance For Off-Piste Snowboarding?

Our Navigator Travel insurance policies can offer you the cover you require if you’re planning on off-piste snowboarding, which involves travelling on ungroomed and sometimes unmarked trails. However, in order for you to be covered, this does need to be: in a recognised snowboard and ski resort area, following local guidance, and in an area where off-piste snowboarding is routinely taking place. 

The following are some of the best travel insurance for snowboarding that we offer here at Navigator:  

  • Navigator SILVER, PEARL, GOLD & DIAMOND Policies
  • ADVENTURES Policy 

These travel insurance policies can also cover for more high-risk and dangerous activities during your winter sports holiday, including off-piste snowboarding. The cover you choose can be altered based on the duration of time you’re wanting to travel for. It is worth noting, however, that you may find that you will have to pay an additional charge if you’re going to be partaking in off-piste snowboarding.

For more details regarding these available policies and which may be the best fit for you, contact us and one of our expert advisors will be happy to discuss your options with you.


Does My Regular Travel Insurance Cover Snowboarding?

Standard travel insurance policies often do not cover holidays or trips in which you plan on snowboarding. To cover your snowboarding activities, you will need to either add this as an additional cover option to your standard insurance policy or opt for a travel insurance policy that was created for those embarking on winter sports or high-risk activities during their travels.

This is why we would advise that you choose a travel insurance policy, such as those discussed above, that is well suited to your plans to engage in winter sports and therefore provides you with the snowboarding insurance cover you need. 

What Sports Are Covered By Travel Insurance?

Depending on the insurance that you buy, the sports for which you will receive cover can vary greatly. Standard travel insurance, for example, will not cover you for high-risk extreme sports, such as scuba diving or snowboarding, but it will cover you for lower-risk sports and activities, such as fishing. 

This is why it is so important to ensure you have suitable travel insurance that covers your chosen sport, such as snowboarding, before you embark on your travels. Equally, should you be planning on trying your hand at a number of different adventurous activities that would be considered high-risk, there are travel insurance policies which will cover you for a number of different extreme sports. 

Do You Need Insurance To Snowboard In Europe? 

Snowboarding holiday insurance is a necessity regardless of the destination that you’ll be travelling to. If you’re planning on going on your trip to Europe specifically, it is important to know exactly what cover you have, and the added cover that you do need. 

If you’re a UK citizen, you’ll most likely be familiar with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). These cards offer healthcare cover to UK residents for free or at a reduced cost in the event of a medical accident or emergency. 

However, these cards do have their limits. For one, they are only usable in a limited number of EU countries, excluding Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway. 

Secondly, they will not cover any costs involved with travelling back to the UK,  repatriation costs, or cover family members or friends in the event that they may need to come and see you or travel with you if you are unwell. 

Thus, it is crucial that you purchase your own travel insurance alongside having your EHIC or GHIC card as a UK citizen whenever you go on your holidays. This is particularly important if you’re planning on engaging in winter sports like snowboarding, which poses a higher risk of accidents and injury that requires specialist cover.

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