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School Trip Travel Insurance Policies

Every year, one of the things that school children look forward to the most is their school trip where they get to get out of the classroom and go and experience some of the things they’ve learned about. Depending on the age of the children, school trips can range from walks around the local town when in primary school to skiing trips abroad when in secondary school. If your school is part of the latter, where children will be going abroad then it’s crucial not to forget the importance of school trip travel insurance.

If you’re a teacher or headmaster, then school trip travel insurance will give you the peace of mind whilst you’re on your school trip that you are covered for unexpected medical emergencies whilst away. Large groups of kids can be hard to control and in a foreign country, it’s easy for things to go wrong even when you’ve taken every precaution. Personal Liability claims need to be covered elsewhere, as the school are not covered by these policies in the event of a damages claim for injury to a child or damage to property whilst on the trip. In most cases, the school would have a Liability policy in place to cover them in the event of injury etc to children at school, and they should check to ensure that cover extends to school trips as well.

At Navigator Travel, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a suitable travel insurance for your school trips and have a wide range of travel insurance policies to choose from which cover varying degrees of activities. If you are heading out on a language trip, such as a German or French exchange then you may only need one of the more basic travel insurance policies. But if you are heading out on a school skiing trip or maybe an adventurous trip abroad for something like the Duke of Edinburgh Award then you may need something a little more comprehensive. We have a wide range of group travel insurance policies so you should be able to find a suitable option for your specific needs.

If you are a teacher you may be looking for a suitable travel insurance policy to cover individuals or the whole group on behalf of the school and you can choose from our various policies which are broken down into the three categories below. From there, you can specify which level of cover you require based on the activities which will be involved:

At Navigator, our focus is on helping you find a policy for your needs so you don’t end up spending way more than you need to, or find yourself abroad and in trouble without sufficient cover. We can hopefully offer you suitable options for your school trip insurance and if you have any questions which aren’t explained clearly on the website here then you can call us on 0161 973 6435 to ask us any questions directly.

And once you’ve sorted out those issues, you can sit back and enjoy watching your class have the most fantastic time exploring new sights on their school trip!

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Annual Multi-Trip

Cover for multiple trips
  • Up to 45 days each trip
  • Option to extend to 62 days
  • Special deals for couples and families
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Long Stay Single Trip

Cover from 2 to 18 months
  • Gap years
  • Extended backpacking
  • Career breaks
  • Volunteering
  • Studying
  • Working holidays abroad
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Short Stay Single Trip

Cover for up to 45 days
  • Single holiday
  • Business trip
  • Special rates for families
  • Accompanied kids go free
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Holiday Makers

Families, couples or individuals

Families, couples or individuals on holiday or business trips for shorter durations.



gap years, Backpackers and Career break

Usually couples or individuals requiring cover for longer term overseas trips of 2 months or more.


Sports & Adventures

skiing, snowboarding, climbing and more

We offer four policies for people travelling overseas, requiring cover for specific sports and activities.