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Gap Year Travel Insurance Policies

Gap Year Travel is becoming more and more common as an option for students who have finished school and aren’t ready to head off to university or get a job. Some students look for a long term volunteering project in foreign lands to immerse themselves in, others only have eyes for the beaches and parties of South East Asia. Whichever category you fall into, gap year travel insurance is a necessity as you head out into the big wide world and have to tackle everything that comes with it. Here at Navigator, we want to make that process as easy as possible.

Those who are planning on getting a gap year job abroad and staying in the same location need to research their destination thoroughly for the risks and activities they are likely to encounter and how that affects their travel insurance policy. The nature of your job will have a significant effect on which policy you choose and the costs associated; a TEFL teacher’s travel insurance policy will differ greatly from someone who is going to be a scuba diving instructor for a year. Working on your gap year, whether it is paid or volunteering will certainly have implications on your insurance so doing research on your particular trip as well as the policy, whilst time consuming, is very important. All manual work should be referred and agreed beforehand as heavy manual labour cannot be covered and many types of lighter manual work will incur additional costs and conditions. Please note that Personal Liability claims arising from working are never covered, whether the work is paid, unpaid, charity or volunteering. Employers usually already have this kind of cover in place, but we would advise you to check with them if you are concerned about this aspect of cover.

If you have your heart set on a gap year spent backpacking around the world, visiting lots of different countries and continents and participating in adventurous sports and activities along the way then your gap year insurance will be different once again. Flexibility is going to be very important so you can adapt your travel insurance needs to the activities and locations that come your way. You might not be planning on doing that skydive when you leave the UK, but after 6 months experience doing extreme sports around the world it could become a more enticing prospect. Your policy needs to reflect the need for that flexibility as things can change a lot in a year. Our Long Stay policies cover many activities as standard, but the more hazardous Action or Action Plus sports can only be covered on the BACKPACKER and STANDARD LONGSTAY policies, at extra cost. The SILVER and GOLD policies, though offering high levels of cover, do not cover the more hazardous sports.

Our aim at Navigator is to make the process of choosing the best travel insurance as easy as possible, providing all the information in a simple and easy to follow format. Our Travel Insurance Tips & Advice page covers the main things to look out for when choosing a policy, as well as the areas people often are confused by or that is hidden in the small print. If there is anything on our website which isn’t covered or clear, then we are also available to deal with your queries personally via the phone or email to help you make the best choice. Call us on 0161 973 6435 or drop us an email and we’d love to help you find a cheap travel insurance policy that is perfectly suited to the needs of your gap year. The all you have to worry about is having fun!

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Annual Multi-Trip

Cover for multiple trips
  • Up to 45 days each trip
  • Option to extend to 62 days
  • Special deals for couples and families
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Long Stay Single Trip

Cover from 2 to 18 months
  • Gap years
  • Extended backpacking
  • Career breaks
  • Volunteering
  • Studying
  • Working holidays abroad
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Short Stay Single Trip

Cover for up to 45 days
  • Single holiday
  • Business trip
  • Special rates for families
  • Accompanied kids go free
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Holiday Makers

Families, couples or individuals

Families, couples or individuals on holiday or business trips for shorter durations.



gap years, Backpackers and Career break

Usually couples or individuals requiring cover for longer term overseas trips of 2 months or more.


Sports & Adventures

skiing, snowboarding, climbing and more

We offer four policies for people travelling overseas, requiring cover for specific sports and activities.