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Are you planning on travelling to Egypt from the UK? If so, you’ll require a travel insurance policy to cover all of your needs during your trip. 

Whether you’re travelling for business, to study, or for pleasure, travel insurance is a necessity when you visit Egypt. Whether your plans are to explore the country’s vast desert areas or to visit its iconic landmarks and cities, you’ll need to consider what your trip will entail and therefore the level of cover that you need for your Egypt travel insurance policy. 

Here at Navigator Travel Insurance, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of specially-crafted insurance policies. These policies allow for all types of individuals to explore the world with the peace of mind that their safety and wellbeing are protected, and those who are planning to travel to Egypt from the UK are no exception. Read on if you’re looking to find out what the perfect Egypt travel insurance policy is for you and your plans. 


When it comes to choosing the right policy for when you travel to Egypt from the UK, we have a range of policies which could suit your specific travel needs. We’ve broken these down for you to easily understand below:

Short-stay Single-trip 

Our short-stay Single-trip travel insurance policies are perfect for those planning to travel to Egypt from the UK for a quick trip. Whether this be for a week, 2 weeks, or longer, as long as your short trip doesn’t exceed 62 days in length, this will be covered by our Silver, Gold, & Diamond short-stay single-trip insurance schemes. 

Regardless of whether you’ll be travelling for business or will be travelling with your family, friends, or solo, our short-stay single-trip policy will be the perfect Egypt travel insurance for your short break. With special rates also available for family holidays and if you’re travelling with kids, you can be sure to secure a great deal with this travel insurance policy. 

You can find out more about the terms and additions that you can make to our short-stay single-trip policy here.

Long-stay Single-trip

Our Long-stay Single-trip insurance policy is perfect for individuals who are planning on taking a longer trip to Egypt. If you intend to travel to Egypt from the UK for anywhere between 2 to 18 months, whether for business or for pleasure, our Silver, Gold, and Diamond schemes will cover you. 

For those who are considering backpacking in Egypt, or who are planning on taking a gap year with Egypt on their agenda, then this policy is well suited for your travel needs. Not to mention if you’re planning on studying abroad, volunteering in Egypt, or working long-term in the country, then this policy is also suited for you. 

If your plan is to be a long-term traveller exploring the vast and varied landscapes of Egypt, you can learn more about the age limits, exemptions, and specific long-term travel insurance policy options that we have for you now

Annual Multi-Trip 

If a trip to travel to Egypt from the UK isn’t the only adventure that you have on your agenda for the year, then our Annual Multi-Trip Policy might be just what you’re after. Offering the opportunity for all of your trips, including your travels to Egypt, to be covered under one policy makes this an easy way to ensure that you’re covered. It also means that you don’t have to remind yourself to purchase travel insurance before each of your journeys within a year, making it a convenient policy to choose, too. 

Each trip can last up to 31, 45, or 62 days, depending on the level of coverage you choose, and you have the option to make as many trips as you’d like within a year if you live in the UK. 

Want to find out more about our this travel insurance policy? Why not do so now over on our annual multi-trip travel insurance page

Additional Egypt Travel Insurance Policy Details

Our policies are more than affordable, so you can rest assured that your chosen travel insurance for a UK to Egypt trip with us is not going to break the bank. We do, however, want to mention that any travellers planning on engaging in extreme adventures during their visit to Egypt need to consider additional cover options, which are available to add to the above policies. This can incur additional premiums though, which adds to the cost of your Egypt travel insurance. Similarly, if you plan on travelling with gadgets during your trip, taking out gadget cover in addition to your travel insurance for your Egypt holiday is essential. This will mean that you can rest easy should your electronic devices get stolen or damaged during your trip.

There’s also the potential risk of facing a medical emergency while you are away, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition, or you might even find that you need to cancel your holiday at the very last minute. By taking out the correct travel medical insurance for Egypt, you can ensure that you don’t lose out on the money you have already paid for your trip or have to pay extra funds on your return home.

Be sure to consult with a travel insurance expert before choosing your travel insurance for Egypt so that you know that your policy offers you the level of cover that you need. You can contact our team of experts now to chat about which travel insurance policy will be best for your individual circumstances.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Egypt from the UK?

Much like when you’re travelling to any country around the world, Egypt is a destination where travel insurance is a must. The UK foreign travel insurance advice states that if you don’t have appropriate travel insurance before embarking on any trip abroad, you could be liable for any medical or emergency expenses should an unforeseen situation arise. 

This could include emergency medical treatment, a cancelled flight, or a natural disaster, and the costs that could build up from any of these situations could be in excess of thousands of pounds. Therefore, to avoid having to pay these costs should an incident occur whilst you’re taking your trip to Egypt, buy your Egypt travel insurance policy as soon as you’ve booked your trip to the country. 

Take a look at our travel Insurance tips and advice page before you book any travel insurance policy to give you a guide of exactly what you should be looking for when choosing the perfect policy for you. 

Are There Any Travel Risks in Egypt?

Egypt has been a popular travel destination amongst travellers from all over the world for decades, and we don’t expect that its popularity will diminish in the near future. However, whilst Egypt is a much-loved travel destination, there are a few things to consider before travelling to the country:


Whilst there are no vaccinations required for travel to Egypt from the UK, there are some that you may want to consider getting before your trip. For example, Hepatitis A and Typhoid can both be contracted from the consumption of food and water in Egypt, so you may want to have these before travelling if you want to be extra cautious. 

If you become ill whilst you’re in Egypt, whatever travel health insurance for Egypt you’ve chosen should cover you for medical expenses incurred on your travels.


On the topic of safety in Egypt, given that the country has a high poverty rate petty theft is not uncommon here and is something that travellers need to be conscious of. Much like in any country, ensuring that you keep your belongings with you, that you don’t venture down unlit streets, and that you don’t flash any expensive items is important. 

The county is also known for its scams, so we’d advise that you do some research into the types of scams that you may encounter before you travel to Egypt from the UK. 

To learn more about the travel risks and considerations you need to take before you travel to Egypt from the UK, check out our blog post which discusses how safe Egypt is for tourists.

What is Covered with Our Travel Insurance to Egypt?

Much like all standard travel insurances, our policies here at Navigator Travel cover the essentials when you embark on your travels to Egypt from the UK. 

These include baggage cover, which ensures that you’ll get compensation should your baggage become lost, damaged, or stolen. Should your trip be cancelled for any reason, or your flights become delayed, our policies will cover you for this to make sure that you get to your destination or that you are compensated should this not be possible. 

We also offer medical cover, which ensures that if an accident or medical emergency occurs whilst you’re away any medical expenses incurred from receiving the treatment that you need will be covered. 

Our travel insurance policies also offer the opportunity for additional cover to be added, such as if you’ll be embarking on any sports or adventure activities, or if you want your personal electronic devices to be covered in case of the event that they are stolen.

To learn the exact details of what is covered in our range of policies, you can get in touch with one of our expert team members now who will be happy to discuss the inclusions of our policies with you before you travel to Egypt from the UK. 

How do I Get Emergency Assistance when in Egypt?

To get emergency assistance when you’re in Egypt, you need to contact ‘123’ from your nearest available phone, which will put you in contact with the Egypt medical services. Should you need an ambulance, this will be sent to your location or you will be given advice on where the nearest medical facility is that you can attend if you are able to do so.

As soon as you have the opportunity, contact your insurance provider if you have been referred to a medical centre or facility in order to receive an examination or emergency treatment.


How Much is Travel Insurance for Egypt?

Depending on the level of cover that you need when you travel to Egypt from the UK, the cost of your travel insurance policy can vary. These costs will be greater if you will be adding on additional cover, such as for your gadgets or sports and adventure activities.

We offer cheap travel insurance to Egypt for your next adventure to this country. This makes us an affordable option in the travel insurance industry for those who are looking to secure comprehensive, yet competitive, prices for their next trip abroad from the UK. 

What Travel Insurance Do You Need for Egypt?

As discussed in the first section of this article, there are a number of travel insurance options that you can choose from depending on your plans and reasons for travelling to Egypt from the UK. For example, if you’re a backpacker looking to travel around Egypt long-term, our long-stay single-trip insurance will be the best option for you. If you’re a businessman travelling for a few days to Egypt, our short-stay single-trip policy is likely right for you. 

One question that is often asked is: ‘Is Egypt in Europe for travel insurance policies?’. You may be surprised to hear that many insurance providers consider Egypt to be part of their European region, despite it not being a part of the EU or the European continent. Some, however, do classify the country as part of the African continent or the Middle East. So, research is required in advance to see what area Egypt falls into depending on which travel insurance providers and policies you are choosing between. 

What is The Best Travel Insurance for Egypt?

As discussed previously, the best Egypt travel insurance policy for you will depend on the length of duration of your stay, how frequently you plan on travelling throughout the year, and the type of activities and adventures you plan on taking part in during your travels to Egypt from the UK. 

After reading this article, if you are still unsure of which travel insurance policy may be best for you and your plans, then we encourage you to get in touch with a member of our team. Here at Navigator Travel, we are always happy to discuss your individual circumstances and needs to find the perfect policy for you.

If you have any queries or need assistance with quotes or booking, please do not hesitate to call us on 0161 973 6435 or email

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