Business Trip Travel Insurance Policies

Whether you work for a company or run your own business, it’s always a possibility that you will have to travel for work-related activities. At Navigator we have tried to provide a suitable level of cover along with great value so business travel doesn’t have to come with the added worry of travel insurance costs.

There’s no doubt that when you head out on a business trip abroad that you’ll have a lot on your mind and it’s likely that travel insurance will be low on your list of priorities. However, things can go wrong on any trip to strange surroundings, even if you are cooped up in an office, so it’s important to go with a business travel insurance policy that will match your needs.

Unless you’re going on an extended business trip or secondment then it’s more than likely that Navigator’s Short Stay Single Trip will be a suitable policy for you. This provides you with cover for up to 45 days, which should hopefully be enough time for you to close deals, shake hands and get back home!

Our policies aim to cater for the things you shouldn’t need to worry about, from potential medical expenses to trip cancellation. If you’re taking expensive equipment like laptops, phones and other technology you might need to cover them elsewhere, as the Single Item Limit and Valuables Limit on travel insurance policies tends to be quite low.

The key for us is to ensure you go away on your trip with a business travel insurance policy that covers your needs without any unnecessary extras which will increase the cost. If you can’t find the information you need here on the website then please get in touch and we’ll try and guide you in getting the perfect policy for your needs. Alternatively, if you’ve seen everything you need to then why not get a quote online right now!

Find out the best possible price for your travel insurance

Annual Multi-Trip

Cover for multiple trips
  • Up to 45 days each trip
  • 183 days cover in any one year
  • Special deals for couples and families

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Long Stay Single Trip

Cover from 2 to 18 months
  • Gap years
  • Extended backpacking
  • Career breaks
  • Volunteering
  • Studying
  • Working holidays abroad

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Short Stay Single Trip

Cover for up to 45 days
  • Single holiday
  • Business trip
  • Special rates for families
  • Accompanied kids go free

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Holiday Makers

Families, couples or individuals

Families, couples or individuals on holiday or business trips for shorter durations.



gap years, Backpackers and Career break

Usually couples or individuals requiring cover for longer term overseas trips of 2 months or more.


Sports & Adventures

skiing, snowboarding, climbing and more

We offer four policies for people travelling overseas, requiring cover for specific sports and activities.