3 Fantastic Places to Visit in South America

South America attracts from all over the world in droves every year as people come to visit the amazing countries, world-renowned icons and breathtaking environment on show. Whether it is backpackers on a round the world trip or just people coming for their annual holiday people marvel at this incredible continent year after year.

The main problem that people have when they visit South America is choosing where to go! With so many stunning countries on the menu, it’s hard to pick the best one for that two-week break and which to stop off at on your round the world itinerary. To try and help narrow it down for you, we’ve picked out 3 of our favourite spots in South America which should be included on any itinerary…


Iguazu Falls is an incredible sight. You can catch a glimpse of it from Argentina and Brazil, each offering an equally breathtaking view. Just when you think you’ve seen the edge of it, you turn a corner and there are more stunning falls to take in. It blows Niagara Falls out the water in our opinion, make sure it’s on your list…



Many people leave Patagonia off their South America trip as they feel it is too far south to make the journey. If someone advises you to do that, ignore them! It is like walking into a winter wonderland on a different planet. With glaciers as far as the eye can see, many bits of which drop into the water as you sit watching, you’ll feel truly enchanted. Then there’s also the chance of a penguin strolling round the corner. Make the trip, you won’t regret it.



One of the most popular stops on a trip around South America, Machu Picchu is usually the culmination of the Inca Trail and many hard days of trekking through the Peruvian hills. When you arrive and walk out to be greeted by the towering hills of Machu Picchu, it makes all the effort worthwhile. Our tip – hike up Wayna Picchu and get the amazing views looking down on the whole area…


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