12 Month Travel Insurance


12 Months or 1 year Travel Insurance

If you’re a globetrotter who is planning to be out of the country for a year, you will require specialist insurance for long-term travel. Here at Navigator Travel, we specialise in long-stay, 12-month or one year travel insurance and can ensure that you will find an appropriate annual travel insurance policy for you. 

Whether you’re planning on studying, volunteering, or working abroad, or you’ll be embarking on a worldwide itinerary or gap year, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have a great selection of annual travel insurance policies to suit all circumstances. 

What is Year Long Travel Insurance and Why is it Important?

12 month travel insurance offers you protective cover whilst you are travelling abroad to one destination, or multiple destinations, in the space of a year. 

Purchasing annual travel insurance is important to ensure that you are adequately covered whilst you’re on your adventures. For example, if there was an instance in which you were involved in an accident, you sustained an injury, or you are faced with other unforeseen circumstances whilst travelling, you can rest assured that your year long travel insurance policy will likely cover you. 

Depending on the nature of your travel, and if one or more destinations are incorporated into your itinerary, this will impact the type of one year travel insurance policy you will need. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose the correct type of annual travel insurance for your plans. 

Discover Which Annual Travel Insurance You Need: Annual Multi-Trip or Single Trip Long Stay? 

Given we specialise in 12 month travel insurance here at Navigator Travel, we can advise you that there are two types of 1 year travel insurance policies that you can choose from. These are as follows: 

  1. Annual Multi-Trip Policies: Annual multi-trip insurance policies allow for a traveller to take unlimited short trips (usually spanning from 31 days to 45 days per trip, though some can be up to 62 days per trip) abroad during a 12 month period.
  2.  Long Stay Single Trip Policies: These long-term policies are designed for travellers to take one long trip to a single destination overseas. These long stay single trip policies can be purchased for any duration from 1 month to 18 months, or even up to 2 years in some circumstances. 

It’s worth noting that a 12 month long stay single-trip policy is more expensive than an annual multi-trip policy. Additionally, if you are unsure of the duration of time you will be spending on your next getaway, you can simply take a shorter trip, purchase your necessary travel insurance policy, and extend this up to 12 months at a later date, if necessary. 

You can purchase one of our one year travel insurance policies today or contact a member of our team to discuss which policy may be best for you and your individual circumstances.

What Do Our 1 Year Travel Insurance Policies Cover?

Any adventures and travel itineraries planned within a 12 month period may be covered by our policies here at Navigator Travel. For instance, we cover gap year travel, extended backpacking trips, or round the world holidays for those looking to discover new destinations and cultures across the globe. 

We also offer cover for educational and work-related travel such as volunteering abroad, studying overseas, or working in a foreign country due to occupational postings.

And, finally, our insurance policies can are suitable for those looking to have long-term visits to see friends and family so that they have the opportunity to connect with their loved ones whilst having adequate travel insurance cover.

Does a Yearly Travel Insurance Policy Cover Sports? 

Our range of yearly travel insurance policies can cover a wide variety of extreme sports.

These include the following: 

It is worth noting that some of the above-listed sports fall into our ‘Action’ and ‘Action Plus’ categories,  which are not covered by our Silver or Gold Long Stay policies. If you require cover for these types of, more hazardous, sports and activities, we may be able to cover you on our AIG Backpacker & Longstay, Adventures, or TravelPlus policies. Call 0161 973 6435 or email sales@navigatortravel.co.uk to gain a quote for your specific trip. 

There are, however, additional sports which are not listed above that are covered by our 12 month travel insurance policies. You can get in touch with us to find out if a specific type of sport you’re looking to partake in on your trip would be covered by our policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Many Trips Can Be Covered on Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

Our Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance policies allow for travellers to embark on unlimited trips within a 12 month period. This means that, regardless of how adventurous your itinerary is, you can rest assured that you have the necessary cover that you require to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

What Is the Maximum Duration Covered for Each Trip on an Annual Multi-Trip Policy?

We have a range of Annual Multi-Trip policies which each permit a maximum length of 31 days, 45 days or 62 days per any one trip taken within a year. The exact amount of time that any one trip can extend to does vary dependent on the exact Annual Multi-Trip policy purchased. So, should you want to ensure that you have longer length periods for your travels, you should opt for a policy that offers this.

I need Cover for More Than 62 days, Can I Get Insurance for Longer Periods?

Whilst normally our Annual Multi-Trip policies offer an upper limit of 62 days for any one trip, we are able to insure longer trips on a single trip basis. Long stay policies can be arranged for trips that are up 18 months in duration or even 2 years, in some cases.

I Need Annual Multi-Trip Cover for Working Abroad, Will These Policies Be Suitable?

We have Annual Multi-Trip policies that will cover most types of work abroad. Our AIG Longstay & Backpacker policies, for example, are suitable for those planning on partaking in the following types of work:

  •  Manual work, such as using machinery or working on construction sites
  • Farm work, which involves working alongside animals or operating agricultural machinery
  • Long stay working trips of up to 18 months in length
  • Volunteering, such as with charity organisations
  • Working in an animal sanctuary with wild animals

Those who plan on partaking in other types of work, such as bar and restaurant work or fruit and vegetable picking, can alternatively opt for our Silver, Gold, and Diamond packages.

We offer a number of insurance policies for working abroad and, depending on the type of work you will be undertaking, one policy may suit you better than the next.

Find out the best possible price for your travel insurance

Annual Multi-Trip

Cover for multiple trips
  • Up to 45 days each trip
  • Option to extend to 62 days
  • Special deals for couples and families
Learn More

Long Stay Single Trip

Cover from 2 to 18 months
  • Gap years
  • Extended backpacking
  • Career breaks
  • Volunteering
  • Studying
  • Working holidays abroad
Learn More

Short Stay Single Trip

Cover for up to 45 days
  • Single holiday
  • Business trip
  • Special rates for families
  • Accompanied kids go free
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Holiday Makers

Families, couples or individuals

Families, couples or individuals on holiday or business trips for shorter durations.



gap years, Backpackers and Career break

Usually couples or individuals requiring cover for longer term overseas trips of 2 months or more.


Sports & Adventures

skiing, snowboarding, climbing and more

We offer four policies for people travelling overseas, requiring cover for specific sports and activities.